Education For All

Here at KB, we have educational solutions for every level of trader. Whether you are a complete beginner looking to take your first steps, or an experienced trader seeking to take things to a professional level, KB has something for you.

Beginners Education

'Trading Forex' Course

Ideal for the beginner looking to take their first steps into the markets, our 82 - page PDF course will cover everything from position sizing to technical and fundamental analysis principles.

Experience Level : Beginner (Less than 1 year)

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Intermediate Education

'Advanced Trader' Course

The Advanced Trader course is the natural next step for the trader with a foundational knowledge of the markets looking to take things to the next level. Over 24 video modules, we will take the foundational understanding you currently have and help you formulate a trading strategy and approach.

Experience Level : Intermediate (1-2 Years)

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Interested in both beginner and intermediate courses? We offer a bundle deal!

Professional Education

'P.A.C' Course

The KB Price Action Concepts Course (PAC) is our most advanced, in-depth and comprehensive course to-date. This course will give you a detailed walkthrough of Sam's trading approach. From chart and trading setup, to trade identification, filtering and management. On top of this, Sam and one of our top traders from the trading floor will take you through the process of creating and developing your own trading edge.

Experience Level : Advanced (3 Years+)

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