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KB Trading has developed a suite of education for traders, consisting of beginner, Intermediate and Pro trading courses, specially tailored to meet traders where they are and take them to the next level. Traders who have never had a prop firm account, not only manage to get funded but also begin to see consistent pay-outs.

Martí has been with KB since 2021, starting with our Advanced Trader video course and then progressing to our Price Action Concepts course in January 2023.
Within just 9 months he has managed to withdraw an impressive $50,000 from prop firms! See his interview here.

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Intermediate Education
Video Course
47 video modules
Swing strategy
Chart breakdowns
Trade examples
Risk management
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Professional Education
Video Course + Group Mentoring
Application only
17 video modules
3 Price Action Strategies
Strategy and Edge Creation
Excel Spreadsheets
PAC Discord
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