KB Advanced Fast Track


The Advanced Trader is the natural next step if you’re looking to achieve consistent profitability, with 47 in-depth video modules, covering every aspect of the price action swing strategy we use daily in FX, Crypto and commodities.

A full course breakdown can be found below.

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Section 1 Setup


Lesson 1 Getting Setup

Lesson 2 Setting Up MT4

Lesson 3 Event Risk & Fundamentals


Section 2 Trade Identification and ​Execution

Lesson 4 Identifying Market Direction

Lesson 5 Fibonacci Principles

Lesson 6 Utilising ATR

Lesson 7 Mapping Market Structure

Lesson 8 Level Failure

Lesson 9 Market Patterns

Lesson 10 Trading The H&S 2 Ways

Lesson 11 Trading H&S Failure

Lesson 12 Entry Confirmations

Lesson 13 IBF Entry Confirmation


Section 3 Trade and Risk Management

Lesson 14 (a,b,c) Trade Example 1, 2 & 3

Lesson 15 Utilising The Trailing Stop

Lesson 16 Cutting Losers Early

Lesson 17 Scaling Into Winning Trades


Section 4 Resources

Lesson 18 How to Gather Stats

Lesson 19 How to Backtest

Lesson 20 How to Achieve Financial Backing

Lesson 21 Pattern Recognition

Lesson 22 Prioritising Context

Lesson 23 Daily Plans


Section 5 Psychology

Lesson 24 The Importance of Decision Making

Lesson 25 Consistency

Lesson 26 The Importance of Good Process

Section – 6 Analysis Zoom Sessions

18 Zoom Analysis sessions spanning a period of 6 weeks in 2020.
Within these sessions, you will be granted a full overview of how Sam implemented these strategies during one of the most volatile macro economic periods in recent history.