The Advanced Trader Course


The Advanced Trader is an online video training course covering the fundamental principles of the price action swing trading strategy we use across 14 assets and numerous timeframes. In this course, we cover a number of topics from the basics of how to map market structure, to building a positive expectancy model through data gathering. The Advanced Trader course is the natural next step for a trader seeking consistent profitability.



“The Advanced Trader”



Section 1 Trade Identification and Execution

Lesson 1 Getting Setup

Lesson 2 Identifying Market Direction

Lesson 3 Mapping Market Structure

Lesson 4 Non-Directional Markets

Lesson 5 Non-Directional Market Patterns

Lesson 6 Trading The H&S 2 Ways

Lesson 8 Entry Confirmations

Bonus Lesson Trade Example 1, 2 & 3


Section 2 Trade and Risk Management

Lesson 9 Utilising The Trailing Stop

Lesson 10 Cutting Losers Early

Lesson 11 Scaling Into Winning Trades


Section 3 Resources

Lesson 12 Building a Trading Plan

Lesson 13 How to Gather Stats

Lesson 14 How to Backtest

Lesson 15 How to Achieve Financial Backing