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Inside our Discord server, traders of all experience levels can benefit from a large host of benefits and features. For an aspiring or profitable trader it is essential to have support. As a Discord member you will benefit from the experience and input of likeminded individuals allowing you to refine your approach and develop as a trader. You now have the opportunity to be surrounded by consistent and profitable traders and see how they do business on a day to day basis.

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Trading Live Room

Once you sign up, you will be added to our Trading Live Room where we will share daily trade ideas and analysis.

Community Chat

Enjoy an open chat room where you can collaborate and chat with likeminded individuals including our top traders!


Twice per week, one of the team will go live on Zoom to share analysis and answer trading questions.

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Channel 1 : πŸ’¬ Chat
Channel 2 : πŸ“Š Stats & Back Testing
Channel 3 : ❔ Q&A
Channel 4 : πŸ†Β Trade of The Week
Channel 5 :Β  πŸ’» Desk Setup

Channel 6 : πŸ…Β Funding Certificates
Channel 7 : βœ”Β Prop Pass
Channel 8 : πŸ’· Funding Payouts

Channel 9 : πŸ“ˆΒ Trades & Analysis
Channel 10 : πŸ”΄ Live Calls
Channel 11 : πŸ“° News Room
Channel 12 : 🎞 Live Call Library
Channel 13 : πŸ›  Workshop Library
Channel 14 :Β Price Alerts

Channel 15 : Crypto Holdings
Channel 16 : Crypto Chat

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Meet The Community

Within the community you will have the opportunity to learn from and socialise with some of our top traders, earning consistent payouts from prop firms. Gain an exclusive, inside scoop on how they navigate the markets and extract consistent profits on a month to month basis.Β 

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Sam

I’m the owner and head trader at KB Trading. With over 8 years of market experience, I’ve not only survived events like Brexit, the COVID-19, and the historic oil market collapse but I’ve also led trading multiple floors, taught in universities and shaped traders into full-time professionals.

Within my server, you will not only be able to spend time around other traders, you will also get to see my own personal approach to the markets including my trades and analysis.

Drawing from my extensive experience and expertise in the trading world, the PAC represents the pinnacle of our offerings – it’s the most advanced, comprehensive, and in-depth course we’ve ever developed.Β 

It’s time to level up your trading and become accountable.Β  Sign up today and together, we’ll work towards improving your approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Discord server is not appropriate for total novices. We would always recommend that you have at least a foundational understanding of the markets, or first take our Advanced Trader course.

No. This Discord pass can be purchased as a monthly, quarterly or yearly pass. You may cancel at any time before your payment date however once cancelled, you will lose access to the server.Β 

Since all of our live calls are recorded, this pass is absolutely usable as someone who is in full-time work or education.