KB Price Action Concepts (To Be Released)


The ‘Price Action Concepts’ Course or “PAC” is the most in-depth and advanced course we offer, detailing the exact strategies Sam implements daily in the markets which he has used to pass online prop firm challenges such as FTMO. This course is not suitable for beginners or casual traders.

A full course breakdown can be found below.

Bonus 1: Receive 2 weeks on the KB Trading Floor

Bonus 2: Receive Free Community & Analysis Pass, with access to daily livestreams and much more.





Section 1 Setup

Lesson 1 Course Overview

Lesson 2 Setting Up To Trade

Lesson 3 Understanding Event Risk

Lesson 4 Mapping Markets


Section 2 Trade Identification 

Lesson 5 Intro To D1 Biases

Lesson 6 ENG Candles & Retail Theory

Lesson 7 HMR/SS & Retail Theory

Lesson 8 H&S Pattern & Retail Theory

Lesson 9 Level Success/Failure


Section 3 Trade Particulars & Execution 

Lesson 10 Execution Theory and NKD Levels

Lesson 11 Orders, Risk & Spread

Lesson 12 Trade Management & Loss Reduction

Lesson 13 Confluences Explained


Section 4 Development 

Lesson 14 Creating a Trading Plan

Lesson 15 Trade Preparation & Review

Lesson 16 Gathering Statistics

Lesson 17 Backtesting

Lesson 18 Beginning Your Professional Career