1-1 Mentorship (12 months)


Exclusive 1-1 mentoring with Sam over a 12 month period.

Over the next 12 months you will be transformed into self-sufficient, and consistent trader.

In order to do this, we will be approaching the mentorship from two primary angles:

  1. Develop your understanding and trading ability in mechanical trading systems.
  2. Acquiring financial funding (minimum 200k)
  • Access to Sam’s personal phone number
  • 2 Zoom calls per month (30 – 120 minutes)


  1. Full lifetime access to our Price Action Concepts course
  2. Full lifetime access to our Discord
  3. Access to all of Sam’s spreadsheets
  4. Access to KB Proprietary Trading tools and worksheets
  5. 200k Funded account passed for you
  6. Access to Sam’s algorithm to run on your live account allowing you to earn 5-10% pcm whilst you learn
  7. 12 group calls (monthly) with the PAC students


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