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Join our PAC course to be part of a remarkable success story of our professional traders! In just 9 months since launching PAC, our members have achieved incredible results. Traders who previously had no prop firm experience not only secured funding but also enjoyed consistent payouts!

Meet Martí, a brilliant example of our program’s effectiveness. He joined KB in 2021, beginning with our Advanced Trader video course and advancing to the Price Action Concepts course in January 2023. Within 9 months, he withdrew an astonishing $50,000 from prop firms! Don’t miss his inspiring interview here.

Koen - $800k Trader

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Bisrat - FTMO Top 5

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Marti - $50k+ Payouts

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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Sam

I’m the creator of the KB Price Action Concepts Course (PAC). With over 8 years of market experience, I’ve not only survived events like Brexit, the COVID-19, and the historic oil market collapse but I’ve also led trading multiple floors, taught in universities and shaped traders into full-time professionals.

I designed this course with one goal in mind: to turn intermediate traders into full-time, funded professionals.

Drawing from my extensive experience and expertise in the trading world, the PAC represents the pinnacle of our offerings – it’s the most advanced, comprehensive, and in-depth course we’ve ever developed.

In PAC, I’ll personally walk you through every step of my trading approach. 

I want to share my systematic approach to successful trading, from chart setup, to trade identification, filtering, and management.  You’ll gain exclusive access to my exact blueprint and further we’ll teach you how to craft and refine your very own trading edge.

It’s time to unlock your full potential as a professional trader and create your path to success with the PAC. Apply today and together, we’ll turn you into a full-time trading professional.