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Matthew is a student of KB, having joined back in 2020. Since then, Matthew has achieved 200k in proprietary funding, now being a professional trader full-time as well as playing football.
6 Figure Student
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Carl is 24 and from Sweden. He has been with KB since he grabbed the Advanced Trader in 2021 and since then he has achieved 2 x FTMO accounts and now trades full-time!
2x FTMO Funded
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Ben is an FTMO Funded member of our Advanced Trader course. At just 18 years old, Ben is already well on his way to a successful career as a day trader.
Ben R.
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Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Sam

With over 8 years of market experience, I’ve conquered Brexit, navigated the volatile markets of COVID-19, and survived the historic oil market collapse. During this time, I’ve led multiple trading floors, taught in universities and Financial Expos and shaped aspiring traders into professionals.

But here’s the real deal: the KB Advanced Fast Track course I offer isn’t just theory; it’s a transformational journey. This is the course almost all of our top traders started out with. I teach the exact methods that got me started in my professional journey. This course turns market novices into skilled technical analysts. We’ve had members secure impressive payouts with prop firms and get funded using these exact principles.

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