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Don't stay stuck in the beginners lane!

KB Advanced Fast Track – isn’t just trading 101. This is your blueprint to becoming a successful consistent trader and starting to earn real money. If you’re a driven individual, eager to become a consistent trader then this course is your opportunity! If you’ve got the hunger, this is the roadmap. Your journey to success begins here.


47 Video Modules

In-depth video modules

Our video modules offer trading insights from experienced traders, covering technical principles, risk management, and personal development. They enhance trading skills for all levels by providing essential resources to deepen knowledge.

Chart breakdowns

Our chart breakdowns offer key insight into the strategy Sam used in his early professional career. You will learn how to breakdown a blank chart to determine market direction and entries.

Trade Examples

With our trade breakdowns, you will not only come to understand how to breakdown a chart but further you will learn how to manage trades from entry to exit.

Inside the Program

Everything You Need to Become Profitable

  • Introduction
  • Getting Setup 
  • Setting Up MT4
  • Event Risk & Fundamentals
  • Identifying Market Direction
  • Fibonacci Principles
  • Utilising ATR
  • Mapping Market Structure 
  • Level Failure 
  • Market Patterns
  • Trading The H&S 2 Ways
  • Trading H&S Failure
  • Entry Confirmations 
  • IBF Entry Confirmation
  • Trade Example 1, 2 & 3
  • Utilising The Trailing Stop 
  • Cutting Losers Early 
  • Scaling Into Winning Trades
  • How to Gather Stats 
  • How to Backtest 
  • How to Achieve Financial Backing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Prioritising Context
  • Daily Plans
  • The Importance of Decision Making 
  • Consistency 
  • The Importance of Good Process

18 Zoom Analysis sessions spanning a period of 6 weeks in 2020.
Within these sessions, you will be granted a full overview of how Sam implemented these strategies during one of the most volatile macro economic periods in recent history.

Additional Bonuses

Bonus 1: KB Beginners Blueprint

Incase you are a total novice, enjoy this free bonus which will fast track your progress.

Bonus 2: KB Foundations Course

Our Foundations course - ideal to brush up on your knowledge before moving on to the video modules!

Bonus 3: Lifetime Discord Access

Gain lifetime access to our Discord server with exclusive Zoom sessions, trade ideas and more!

Results Are In The Numbers

Our Students

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Matthew is a student of KB, having joined back in 2020. Since then, Matthew has achieved 200k in proprietary funding, now being a professional trader full-time as well as playing football.
6 Figure Student
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Carl is 24 and from Sweden. He has been with KB since he grabbed the Advanced Trader in 2021 and since then he has achieved 2 x FTMO accounts and now trades full-time!
2x FTMO Funded
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Ben is an FTMO Funded member of our Advanced Trader course. At just 18 years old, Ben is already well on his way to a successful career as a day trader.
Ben R.
FTMO Funded

Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Sam

With over 8 years of market experience, I’ve conquered Brexit, navigated the volatile markets of COVID-19, and survived the historic oil market collapse. During this time, I’ve led multiple trading floors, taught in universities and Financial Expos and shaped aspiring traders into professionals.

But here’s the real deal: the KB Advanced Fast Track course I offer isn’t just theory; it’s a transformational journey. This is the course almost all of our top traders started out with. I teach the exact methods that got me started in my professional journey. This course turns market novices into skilled technical analysts. We’ve had members secure impressive payouts with prop firms and get funded using these exact principles.

Get started today and translate your foundational knowledge into consistent results.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your trading skills!

Take the first step towards becoming a successful trader by signing up for the KB Advanced Trading course and join the ranks of successful traders who have benefited from our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The Advanced Trader is perfect for beginner – intermediate traders. Whilst the video modules are aimed at traders with a foundational knowledge, we provide a full beginners course and blueprint for free!

You will gain immediate access to our PDFs and Video modules to complete at your own pace.

With this course you get £25 off our Discord Pass where you can ask questions and join our live Q&A calls. However you can also email us at any time!

We can’t guarantee profitability however what we can say is that almost all our professional, funded traders started out right here! If you apply yourself, there is no reason you can’t follow in their footsteps. 

Yes! The Advanced Trader concepts have been used by many of our members to get funded and get payouts!