KB Course Bundle

Taking things to the next level

The KB course bundle contains both our Beginner and Advanced Courses, designed to take you from having little, or no trading experience or knowledge and transform you into a knowledgeable and competent trader. Along with access to our telegram channels, this course will not only provide you with knowledge but also the support required to learn and develop.

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Beginner Course

Module 1

  • Currency pairings
  • Currency Correlations
  • What is technical analysis?
  • Candlestick Anatomy
  • What are pips?
  • What is a lot?
  • Stop and target basics

Module 2

  • Candlestick Patterns
  • Support and Resistance levels
  • Support and Resistance zones
  • Trendlines and Trends
  • Fibonacci Principles
  • Moving Averages
  • Non-trending markets
  • SL & TP placement
  • Chart Patterns

Module 3

  • Using economic data to mitigate risk

Module 4

  • The Casinos Edge
  • Calculating Risk

Advanced Course

Section 1 Trade Identification and Execution

  • Getting Setup (10:43)
  • Identifying Market Direction (35:28)
  • Mapping Market Structure ( 14:55)
  • Non-Directional Markets (20:38)
  • Non-Directional Market Patterns (35:10)
  • Trading The H&S 2 Ways (23:59)
  • Entry Confirmations (21:28)
  • Trade Example 1, 2 & 3 (08:17, 08:14, 09:14)

Section 2 Trade and Risk Management

  • Utilising The Trailing Stop (09:14)
  • Cutting Losers Early (20:39)
  • Scaling Into Winning Trades (06:13)

Section 3 Resources

  • Building a Trading Plan
  • How to Gather Stats (10:24)
  • How to Backtest (11:36)
  • How to Achieve Financial Backing (11:41)
  • Inside Bar Failure Entry Confirmation (09:10)
  • Utilising ATR (09:30)
  • Pattern Recognition (12:19)
  • Prioritising Context (07:28

Section 4 Psychology 

  • The Importance of Decision Making (21:21)
  • Consistency (10:00)
  • The Importance of Good Process (48:11)

What is included?

82-Page PDF

Our KB Beginner is contained in a PDF document.

  • Portable
  • No internet access requires

24 Video Modules

Our KB Advanced course is comprised of 24 videos

  • In-depth video modules
  • Chart breakdowns 
  • Trade Examples

What do our members say?

Matthew – 6 Fig Student

Matthew is a student of KB, having joined back in 2020. Since then, Matthew has achieved 200k in proprietary funding, now trading full-time as well as playing football in Ireland.

Carl – 2x FTMO Funded

Carl is 24 and from Sweden. He has been with KB since he grabbed the Advanced Trader in 2021 and since then he has achieved 2 x FTMO accounts and now trades full-time!


Max has been a member of KB since he picked up the Advanced Trader course in September 2021. Recently we were delighted to hear that he has managed to secure his dream car!

Ben R – FTMO Funded

Ben is an FTMO Funded member of our Advanced Trader course. At just 18 years old, Ben is already well on his way to a successful career as a professional trader.

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